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File to RAR


What is Rar?

RAR is a shortcut for Roshal Archive. It was introduced by Eugene Roshal in 1993. Its main purpose is the compression of large files into small sizes. Due to its better compression, RAR is better than ZIP compression. RAR archives can be served for data spanning as well.

Is it possible to combine multiple files into a single RAR archive?

Yes! Our tool allows you to combine multiple files into a single RAR archive. This is ideal for sharing files via email. If you want to achieve smaller file sizes for sharing files with other people or organizations via email, look no further than RAR. It is probably the best choice for this purpose. For selecting multiple input files simply click the shift key while selecting files for submission.

Fast and lossless Compression

You won't have to wait a long time to compress your files. Using our tool, the whole process only takes a few seconds. There are no limits, so you can compress as many files as you can. All takes place online, no software installations are required, no software downloads.

Its Free!

You are not required to pay any charges for using our services. You love and support for our cause is what we ask form you. You don’t need to pay for any memberships or creating any accounts as well.

Smooth Online Compression

With Converter App, you found the right place to compress your files online. We provide the usual hassle-free converting experience.


As soon as the job is done, our servers delete your files from the server for keeping the privacy of our customers at any cost.

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