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What is a Zip File?

A ZIP file is a compressed archive that contains one or more files. The main characteristic of the ZIP format is, that it supports lossless data compression. A ZIP file can also contain entire directories. The ZIP file format supports a large number of different file compression algorithms of which the DEFLATE algorithm is the most common.

Why Do I need a Zip File?

Zip Files can be very useful when you try to send multiple or large files at the same time through email. Unfortunately, most email providers do not support large files and that’s where compressed files come in. Thanks to its portability, zip files can save you from sending multiple emails. You just combine all your files in a single archive using Converter App. ZIP files are supported natively by MS Windows.

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Compress one or multiple Files by zipping online

You can add one or multiple files to your Zip archive. For adding more than one file, simply press the shift button while selecting your file for upload. The converter lets you create compressed files applying lossless compression.hh


We aim to respect our customer’s privacy & we intend to stay that way. For this purpose, all converted files are immediately removed from our servers as soon as possible to ensure our privacy standards are kept the same way.

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