At Converter App we process terabytes of data every day. When moving such large amounts of data, it is crucial to choose the right filesystems. Several distributed high-performance filesystems allow you to build a scalable computing cluster. In the following, we present our three favorites you can use to build your powerful computing cluster with ease.

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With next-generation image formats becoming increasingly popular, more and more images in websites are embedded in formats like AVIF or WebP. In many situations, it may be more convenient to have the image in a classic image format like JPG or PNG. Our newly released browser plugin allows you to download images from websites in any format you need.

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TensorFlow is one of the most recognized deep learning guides in the world. It was first launched in 2015 by the Google Brain Team to create machine learning opportunities and great learning models. Moreover, this popular library helps to break down complex data as well as come up with neural network prototypes to help solve some business problems.

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