Probably you just have come across a DjVu file and are wondering what to do with it. In the following, we give you all the information you need for dealing with such files. DjVu is a container file format for ebooks and documents.  It usually uses the extension .djvu and was developed as an alternative to the Adobe PDF format in 1996.

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PaddleOCR is a brand new OCR system coming up with the promise to support 80+ languages recognition, being lightweight and therefore ideal for deployment on mobile, embedded, or IoT devices. It is based on the larger PaddlePaddle deep learning framework and therefore can be executed on both CPUs and GPUs.

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Deep learning is the technology driving many of the recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI). In most cases, such an AI is an app that has learned some skills like feature detection from an annotated dataset during extensive training cycles, which is called machine learning. Thereby, the hope is that it will apply the acquired knowledge correctly to process new data.

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