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MP3 2 M4A


Convert MP3 to M4A

Our converter app can be used for converting an MP3 file to a MPEG 4 Audio (M4A) audio file within seconds.

How to convert MP3 to M4A free:

The process of converting MP3 to M4A with our app is straightforward. You can directly download the M4A file after submitting your original MP3 in the upload section above.

Free of Costs

We are the ultimate solution for performing a free conversion between the MP3 and the MP4 audio formats. And yes, it is 100% free. No hidden charges.

M4A offers better Compression:

The reason why you should convert MP3 to M4A is that M4A audio streams offer smaller file sizes and at the same time better audio quality than MP3. This is possible because of the Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) codec, which is used for encoding M4As.

Provided Converter App

This audio converter is a proud member of Converter App, a unique collection of data conversion services.

Privacy Protection

We respect your privacy because we operate our service on strong ethical principles. Your file is deleted automatically from our servers immediately after the conversion.