Privacy Policy

This policy describes Converter App’s privacy practices in connection with all data conversion services operated by us.

Protecting your privacy when you use our services and communicate with us is of high priority to us. To achieve this goal, we have a system in place that deletes all files submitted to our servers automatically, after the data conversion is complete. All data will be irrecoverably deleted within one hour after the conversion is complete.

Furthermore, we use SSL encrypted connections for all data transfers from and to our servers. We also do not analyze or review your data while it is processed at our servers for file conversion purposes. You retain all legal rights and the ownership of your files. Your data stays yours when using Converter App.

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance

Converter App itself does not use any cookies for tracking purposes. The only type of cookies that are used is technical cookies at the protocol level for load-balancing purposes. These are not used for tracking.

Since we use Google Ads for the monetarization of our website Google collects and uses cookies for ad personalization for this site. You can opt for these personalized ads any time, either in the Converter App cookies or in your Google Ad personalization settings. Further information on how Google uses cookies for its ads program.

Review your Converter Apps cookies decision

File Storage on remote Servers

When submitting a file for conversion you have to be aware that your file is processed on a remote server since we are a web-based service.

Depending on your location your files will be processed on servers in the United States, the European Union, and Singapore. We work with professional Data Centers guaranteeing the security standards of these countries.

Personal Information

For using our file and data conversion services we do not require you to provide us with any personal information like your name or email address. You can use the file conversion services completely anonymously.

In case you decide to support us using the PayPal donation button PayPal, PayPal will share the following information with us: First and Last Name and email address. We will not share this information and also not use it for contacting you.

Website Analytics used by Converter App

For website statistics, Converter App uses Plausible. Plausible is a lightweight and open source web analytics framework without, cookies and fully compliant with GDPR. The choice in favor of this analytic framework was made to protect the privacy of our users.

Social Media Privacy

Spreading the word about Converter App on social networks is great support for our business. If you decide to share your experience on social networks this can have privacy implications. The same applies to the usage of the Facebook and Twitter like and share buttons. For further information please read the privacy policies of: Facebook and Twitter

If you have any concerns or further questions about the Converter App privacy policy feel free to contact us, we are happy to help.

Rating and Review

After converting a file with our service you can leave a review and rating. It is not required to leave your name or email address. These fields are optional. If you want us to get back to you, you are free to enter your email address. We will not use your email address for other purposes than replying to your review. You can also choose if we may publish your review on our website or not.