Terms of Service

This service is available for free in the hope that it will be useful. There is no warranty of any kind for the service provided by this website.

Since this service is completely free, we do not guarantee the availability or operationality and the correctness of the results, although we have an uptime of> 99% and have put focus on producing high-quality results.

Using this service you agree to temporarily upload your document to a remote server. Your document will not be analyzed or reviewed by the provider of this service. Your data stays yours when using Converter App.

Usage of Converter App

We do not limit the usage of this service within the limits of common sense and practical limitations of online file conversion. You can convert as many files as you want and may also submit large files.

Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is of high priority to us. Read our privacy policy for information on how we handle your data. See our privacy policy for further information about privacy and data handling.

Converter App ChatGPT Plugin Terms

By using the Converter App's ChatGPT Plugin, you are in agreement with the same terms that govern the use of the Converter App. The data you submit to our plugins on our servers is subject to these terms. Plugin website: The Converter App ChatGPT Plugin.

WebDev ChatGPT Plugin Terms

The WebDev ChatGPT plugin provides a temporary hosting solution on our servers, enabling you to make your websites publicly accessible for up to two hours. The utilization of the WebDev Plugin requires OAuth authentication, which is mandated by OpenAI. Please be assured that your data, collected during the signup process, will not be used or shared beyond the scope necessary for this service. Plugin website: The WebDev ChatGPT Plugin.

Converter App ChatGPT Plugins Beta Notice

Please note that the ChatGPT plugins, operated by Converter App, are still in their beta phase. As such, there is no guarantee regarding the accuracy of the results produced by our ChatGPT plugins. By using these services, you acknowledge and accept this lack of warranty.

Legal Policy

This agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia without reference to conflict of laws principles. You agree that any litigation relating to this agreement may only be brought in, and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of, any Court of The Republic of Estonia. Contact: Converter App OÜ, Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Ahtri tn 12, 15551.