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The MPEG Format

MPEG, the Moving Picture Experts Group, developed a standard for video compression in 1993. It was initially named MPEG-1 and is used to compress various media, such as television programs, movies, and some music. The MPEG codes play an important role in voice and data transmission, making them popular. This encoding reduces the size of the files while minimizing the amount of distortion experienced by the original media.

The MP3 Format 

MP3 is a digital music format that compresses and encodes audio file using the lossy compression algorithm. MP3 files maintain only important audio information and discard those not audible to the user, reducing the file size considerably. This is the most common format for storing audio, and almost all audio players can play mp3 files. MP3 files have reduced the internet download times for audio files due to their significantly smaller size.

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