DjVu to TXT

  • Step 1: Select a DjVu file on your local disk and upload it.
  • Step 2: The conversion to TXT will start immediately after submitting your file.
  • Step 3: Simply download the plain text file afterwards and enjoy.

DjVu 2 TXT


DjVu to Text Converter

This tool converts any DjVu document into a simple plain text file online. The conversion is fast and takes place online. Therefore, no software download is required.

TXT Files perform great on Ebook Readers

If you have a DjVu file that you want to read on an eBook reader like Amazon Kindle, which does not support the DjVu file natively, you have several options: Converting your DjVu to TXT is a good option in case your DjVu does not contain a lot of graphics, since text files load quickly on all devices.

Free of Charges

This DjVu converter is completely free of charges and is offered without hidden costs or obligations.

Works for all DjVus

Our app works for all DjVus, also such which do not provide an intrinsic text layer. In the latter case, we run optical character recognition ourselves to provide the text for you.

A Converter App Tool

This free tool is a member of Converter App, a unique collection free of file and data conversion utilities.

Privacy Policy

To convert them to text, our converter processes your DjVu files on a remote server. Thereby, your privacy has a high priority for us. We remove all your data from our servers shortly after the process has finished and will not share it and do not even look at it.