How to convert DOCX to DOC:

  • Step1: Select the DOCX file that you wish to convert from your drive or drag it on to the upload widget
  • Step2: Wait a moment until the conversion from DOCX to DOC is complete
  • Step3: The conversion starts automatically and it will be done in matter of seconds. Download the converted file and save it.



The DOCX File Format

A DOCX file is text-based and can be edited, managed in size, and much easier to use. It is a famous document file that allows developers to continuously create for it specifically. This file format stands for Microsoft Word document that contains texts basically, and it is an upgraded edition of DOC, which was originally the native MS Word file format. Both DOCX and DOC can be opened using MS Word and other text-processing programms.

The DOCX format is mostly used for creating texts and editing them and supports hyperlinks and media-like images. It has widespread use and is compatible with many programs. Its compressed size makes it more convenient for sharing with others and stored on hard drives.

The DOC File Format

A DOC format is a word processing document and a file extension. It was created as a binary file format which is proprietary of the Microsoft Corporation. The DOC file is one of Microsoft’s well-known word processing applications, MS Word is a plain text document format that also carries images, alignments, and hyperlinks. It was the common use format for word processing before the introduction of DOCX, an upgraded version of DOC. It is becoming difficult to find the DOC format lately. However, they are still compatible with different applications and platforms.