How to protect a PDF with a password:

  • Step 1: Select your password protected PDF and upload it here.
  • Step 2: Wait until the conversion has finished after clicking 'Convert'.
  • Step 3: Download the result. You will be able to open the PDF without password again.

Encrypt PDF

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Are your files fully protected? Encrypt PDF now!

PDF is the most common way to share any document. But is it the safest?

It’s true that PDF files are highly portable. They can be viewed on almost any device. But how do you keep them private? How can you be sure that they are for your eyes only?

You might not know, but you can encrypt your PDF. Only you will be able to access it. We can help you with that in 3 simple steps.

How does encryption work?

Encryption makes a file unreadable to anyone who shouldn’t see. To encrypt you need a key, and that’s it. In this case the key is a password. When encrypted, the PDF will not be able to be viewed. The only way to see it will be to have the key with which it was encrypted. The ultimate protection for your private files!

You don’t need any special software to be able to do it! Simply use our drag and drop tool to add password to PDF today!

How to password protect a PDF.

All you need is a PDF file and a password. As long as your password is difficult to guess but easy for you to remember you can be sure that your files are secure. Get full protection right now by uploading the file and selecting a password.

Make sure your password is unique and that only you would know it. Words that are easy to guess are no use here! Make it a combination of letters and numbers. Both upper and lower case.

When you password protect a PDF, you know that only the people who are allowed to read it can do so. Don’t get caught out. Protect your work and encrypt right now by adding a password to your PDF.

Drag and Drop to instantly encrypt PDF online!