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  • Step 3: Download the result. The output will be a .docx file.




This PDF to DOCX converter is the best free web app to create an editable Word document in the DOCX format from any PDF file.

Why should I convert PDF to DOCX?

The answer is simple. You will have a file that you can easily edit in any document editing application, and you need to save space in your drive. At the same time, it looks similar to your initial PDF.

Unlimited free PDF to DOC conversions

This PDF converter is completely free to use with no hidden costs or obligations. No software download is required.

OCR for scanned PDFs

What if the PDF file you received is nothing more than an image? This is common when people use scanners or faxes to save documents or receipts. Scanners and faxes can’t replicate the text, so they create an image of that document instead. Our OCR technology will extract the text from that image and create a small file that can be edited and archived.

The DOCX Format

The DOCX file format is a popular format for Microsoft Word documents. Invented in 2007 with the release of a new version of MS Word, the structure of the original DOC format was improved: While the DOC format was only binary, the DOCX format is a mixture of XML and binary files. Many text processor applications support DOCX.

Privacy Protection

Your privacy is important to us. We remove all files from our servers immediately after the document conversation is complete, and no one will ever look at your documents either.