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  • Step 1 - Upload the MOBI file: Select MOBI file you want to convert to ePUB from your computer or mobile using the browse function on webpage. You can either click on the upload box or simply drag and drop the desired file on the webpage.
  • Step 2 - Be patient: It's going to take a bit to convert your MOBI ebook into ePub format.
  • Step 3: Click Download your converted ePub file after conversion immediately. Save the file on your computer or laptop.



The MOBI format provides a source of representing, packaging and deciphering a structured and semantically enhanced Web textual and images — including HTML, CSS, SVG and other resources. MOBI for distribution in a single-file container. This specification represents the second major revision of the standard. This Mobi to ePub converter intends to provide you with an optimized result. In case you want to convert other ebook formats we recommend you to check out our universal ebook converter.

The Mobi and ePub format in comparison:

Existing MOBI files and converted files come with the extension “.mobi”.

Description & Technical Specifications
The Mobipocket file format was launched originally by Mobipocket SA along with an extension “.prc” but later .mobi) is a patented, partially documented binary format for ebooks. Amazon owned it in 2005.
Technical Specs

Mobigen and its predecessor, PRCgen, were the caretaker and specific tools right holder that permits a Mobipocket ebook to be developed from an OeBPS/OPF or EPUB file or a single HTML file and XHMTL with the intent that it be usable by developers or advanced users in publication roadmaps. PRCgen became available for user download by the end of 2005 and supported the import of OeBPS publications. The file comes with an extension as “.mobi”.
EPUB is a readable textual format for electronic publications with refluence text in hyper-marked-up document structure with pertained images for illustrations, all in a container format.
Technical Specs

The EPUB format provides a source package representing, packing, and encoding programmable structure. EPUB also supports semantically enhanced Web content — including HTML, CSS, SVG, and other data set resources — for distribution in a single-file set. These specifications depict the second major revision of the standard. EPUB Media file 3.0. Defines a format and a processing module for synchronization of textual and audio data forms. The file extension comes under the file name “.epub”.
Developed By
Mobipocket SA developed Mobi in 2000 for viewing the textual format of digital devices.
EPUB was developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and launched in 2007.
  • It can be compatible with different mobile and tablet devices with software as it is programmed in both XML and XHTML.
  • There are many online tools and apps are available for the conversion of epub files to Mobi and other various formats.
  • Reflowable and readable on handy and mobile devices.
  • Files can be shared and extracted as a single zip file that is an archive of the organizational and content files for the books and journals.
  • Information for the user is available
  • Friendly interface
  • Free to use
  • Users can unpack a Mobi file to HTML, OPF/NCX (or convert it to EPUB), edit it, and then re-edit it to the edited Mobi file.
  • MOBI files are reflowable and resizable for the different mobile devices.
  • Technically, Mobi files are unable to be edited directly.
  • You have to download specific tools to view the Mobi format.
  • Limited books are available in the format, so you have to convert the files to Mobi format.
  • With epub, you have to be familiar with the fundamentals of the associated languages to create valid files. So, a layperson can face difficulties in making the advanced featured file.
  • There are unviable requirements to create a zip archive for epub.
  • Users must be familiar with the XML and XHTML syntax and know how to create a CSS style sheet.
  • Calibre
  • Vellum (For Mac)
  • Lean Pub
  • Pressbook
  • Draft2Digital (D2D)
  • Pandoc
  • Vellum (For Mac)
  • Publish Xpress
  • Reedsy Book Editor