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PDF 2 Text


Easy, Fast & Reliable

Convert as many documents as you want with the Converter App. It lets you convert your Portable Document (.pdf) into a plain text document (.txt) in just a few seconds. Let us be your all-in-one solution for your problems. No Installations, no downloads will be required for our services.

Why Us?

Our services have a strong focus on customer satisfaction. With the Converter App, the converted file comes 100% malware protection guaranteed. Our services use advanced AI that lets your files convert in a minimum amount of time.

It’s Free!

No hidden charges, no signups & no paid memberships are required to avail of our services. It’s 100% free of charge. Because our priority is customer’s satisfaction and their love and support for our services.

How does it work?

Just Drag and Drop the file and we will handle the rest. Once your file is converted you can save it on your desktop by downloading it. In just a few seconds, you would have a high-quality file that has a smaller size and will be compatible with you on the go.

Quality meets, Excellence

With Converter App, you won’t need to worry about the content inside the file as our conversions do not interfere with the elements of the layout. This gives you a better-quality version of your converted document.

Privacy Indeed

To ensure customer satisfaction, we must respect our user’s privacy. Once your file is converted, the server removes it permanently. We worry so you don’t have to!