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Free PNG to WebP Image Converter

Our converter allows you to convert a PNG image into a reduced size WebP simply by submitting it.

About PNG images

PNG files are commonly used to digital photographs, store web graphics, and images with transparent backgrounds. PNG uses lossless compression algorithm and no image data loss is present in PNG format.

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PNG and WebP in Comparison

WebP is a raster image file format that is based on lossy and lossless compression. This makes the images smaller in size. For example, the lossless images are 26% smaller in size than PNG (Portable Network Graphics).

Lossless Compression: Both file formats have lossless compression, which means, when file size is compressed, it retains the picture quality of the original data. It also erases non-essential data automatically added by the device. However, lossless compression makes PNG bigger as they require much space.

Page-load time: Heavy-sized images cause slow page speed and affect overall website performance. Since this results in a bad user experience, web designers prefer WebP because they load faster than PNG in web browsers.

Transparency: Although PNG and WebP provide high-quality and transparent images, designers often use PNG for logos because the file format supports transparent backgrounds. For example, designers can place logo files on different backgrounds in a way that looks natural.

Social Media Usage: Social media platforms like Telegram messenger use WebP for their stickers, because the file format is displayed 5 times faster compared to other formats like PNG, JPEG, and GIF.

Image quality: PNGs are high-quality images; likewise, WebP, even when the latter is compressed to smaller file size, they maintain the picture quality of the original data.

Purpose of creation: While PNG was created to exceed the performance of GIFs and JPGs, WebP was created by Google to replace JPG, GIF, and PNG file formats.

Platform: Both file formats only support RGB color, hence they can only be used as website images rather than printing.

What our PNG to WebP converter can do for you:

Searching for an online converter to export your files without paying? Our online converter is your go-to. Simply drag and drop your PNG files and change them to WebP free of charge.

Additionally, our PNG to WebP converter does not reduce the image quality of PNG files. You can transform the files to WebP and get the same best quality. To save you the task of changing each image one by one, our online converter enables you to select as many images you want to transform without wasting your time. Also, If you’re not satisfied with the width, the height, or the percentage of the original file, our online converter enables you to change and still keep the original size.

Our servers are highly secure, as we ensure converted files don’t get exposed to third parties. Besides, after conversion, your files get erased in usually 60 minutes or less.

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