• Step 1: Submit the RAR file you want to convert to ZIP to the upload box.
  • Step 2: The conversion to ZIP will take place online.
  • Step 3: Download the ZIP file and extract it.



How to convert RAR to ZIP:

Our app allows you to convert any RAR file to a ZIP archive file seamlessly by dragging it to the upload box. Our converter is extre mely fast. After submitting your RAR archive, you can download the resulting ZIP file within a few seconds.

A quick way to open RAR files:

The ZIP format is widely supported: All popular OS like Windows, Linux, or macOS support the ZIP format. Therefore, these files can be easily extracted without additional software. Therefore, converting RAR to ZIP is an easy way to open RAR files. This method also works on android smartphones or iPhones.

Free of any charges

We are the market-leading solution for performing a free conversion of ZIP files to RAR files. Yes, it is 100% free—no hidden charges.

Converts RAR Files with Password

Many RAR files have password protection. In case you submit a password-protected RAR file, the tool will ask you for the password. Once you enter the correct password, the conversion to ZIP will work like for any other RAR file.

ZIP versus RAR:

Both ZIP and RAR are container formats for compressing files. The main difference between the two formats is that the algorithms used by RAR generally achieve a higher level of data compression than ZIP. On the other hand, ZIP is more common and supported by more applications natively.

Privacy Protection

All files are transferred by a secured advanced level of SSL encryption. Your file is deleted automatically from our servers immediately after the compression.

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