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    What can I do with this converter?

    Our video transcription converter is a powerful tool that allows you to transcribe the spoken content of videos into editable text in just a few seconds. It's designed to provide fast and accurate transcriptions, supporting a wide variety of video formats (like MP4, MKV or WebM) and languages. This makes it ideal for content creators and anyone in need of quick and precise text versions of video content.

    What output format will my transcribed videos be in?

    The primary output format of our converter is plain text (.txt) files. These files are versatile and can be easily edited or converted to other formats. If you require your transcription in a different format such as PDF, DOCX, or DOC, our platform offers a converter search feature. This allows you to find a suitable converter to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your transcribed content is in the perfect format for your project.

    My output text is in the wrong language, what should I do?

    If the transcribed text is not in the language you expected, it may be due to how our converter's language detection works. Specifically, our system analyzes only the first 30 seconds of the video to determine the language. This means it's crucial for the initial part of your video to have clear speech and be free from any non-speech elements like musical intros, sound effects, or silence. If these conditions aren't met, the language detection might not yield an accurate result. To ensure the language is correctly identified, please make sure the beginning of your video features clear speech in the language you intend to transcribe. This approach will significantly enhance the accuracy of the language detection and, consequently, the transcription result.

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