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Free GIF to JPG Image Converter

Our converter allows you to convert a GIF image into a JPG simply by submitting it.

About GIF images

The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), is a bitmap image format which has a widespread usage on the internet due to its wide support and portability between applications and different platforms.

Free of any charges

You just found the perfect place to convert GIF into JPG for free. Our service is 100% free. No hidden charges.

High JPG Quality

When creating your JPG image we try to achieve an ideal compromise with respect to JPG image compression.

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Privacy Protection

We respect your privacy. Your files will be deleted from our servers after the conversion immediately. We will not share them or even just look at them.

Why are you still using GIFs? Convert GIF to JPG for free

These days, the job of a GIF is very different to its original purpose. Once upon a time, the dominant format for image files. They have become resigned to animations of cats playing keyboards. And for good reason, too. GIF is limited. That’s the truth. But now you can quickly change your GIF to JPG without having to use a graphics editor. It’s super-fast and free to use, always and forever.

The real difference between GIF and JPG

GIFs are easy to understand. Each pixel is coloured from a colour palette. The size of the file is set by the number of colours available. The more colours (up to 256), the better. Yet, you’d be surprised at how low quality this can be, especially for detailed pictures. JPG offers true colour whilst being efficiently compressed. If you ever need to edit the image, GIF will not be enough. Convert from GIF to JPG right now to future-proof your picture.

The one and only reason why GIF still exists

GIFs can contain many frames. This means you can animate them. When you see an animated image on the web or on social media, it’s like to be a GIF. But if your picture is static, you should be using something else. Use files in the ways that they were meant to be used.

GIF to JPG – The tried and tested file format.

JPGs offer high quality likeness with true colour. They are the standard file type for photographs and widely used on the web. GIFs are becoming more and more rare except for when used in animations. If you still have static GIFs you should change right now! Convert your files today with our straight forward converter!