• Step 1: To get started with converting JPG to PNG images, simply submit JPG file you want to convert to the uploader at the right. As soon as the upload is complete the image conversion will start automatically.
  • Step 2: Wait a moment while your PNG output is created.
  • Step 3: Click the download button to download the conversion result for free.



How to convert JPG to PNG?

This tool can be used to convert both JPG and JPEG images into PNG format in a simple two-step procedure. Simply submit the original file in the JPG format, and the converted PNG image will be available immediately for download. Since image conversion usually implies some quality loss, you should think if it is necessary to change from the JPG to the PNG format. One possible use case is that only PNG supports the transparency layer. So, if you want to introduce such layers a format change is a good idea.

The JPG Format

Name Joint Photographic Experts Group
Extensions .jpg, .jpeg
MIME Type image/jpeg
Description JPG or JPEG is an image format widely known on the Internet. It uses an algoritm for the lossy compression of image files. This method was developed in 1992 by its namesake, the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), to facilitate the publication of images on the Internet. Since JPG compression is lossy, it reduces image quality. Different quality levels can be selected when creating images. JPG is the most widely used image format, and is supported by all operating systems and browsers.
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Google Photos

The PNG Format

Name Portable Network Graphics
Extensions .png
MIME Type image/png
Description The abbreviation PNG stands for "portable network graphic" and describes a common file format for images or a raster graphics format. It was introduced in 1994 as an alternative to the much older Graphics Interchange Format because its Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) compression algorithm was patented and therefore no longer freely available. PNG is a common alternative to the more widely used JPG format. Its main advantage over JPG is that it supports transparency and alpha channels. However, PNG files are also slightly larger than JPG files.
  • GIMP