PNG to TGA Converter

  • Step 1: Select the PNG you want to convert into a TGA image and follow the instructions shown in the upload box on the right.
  • Step 2: Wait until the transformation is done.
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Transform PNG to TGA

Transform PNG images to TGA for free by utilizing the Converter App. Upload the image, click convert and wait as our software transforms it into a TGA.

PNG versus TGA

The PNG i.e Portable Network Graphic is a rasterized lossless compression algorithm that was initially developed with the aim of replacing the GIPHY/GIF format. On the other hand, the TGA, Truevision TGA(Targa) Image is a product of Truevision Inc. It is quite popular in video editing and animation. Moreover, the TGA supports a depth of 1-32 bits per pixel.

Free of any charges

Upload your PNG images to convert them into the required TGA format for free.

Why Convert to TGA?

TGA has a huge advantage over JPG. TGA supports an alpha channel while JPG does not. In a noteworthy sense, they offer support to layers thus enabling the building of images from different properties such a shadow, highlights, and separate editable elements.

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