TGA to PNG Converter

  • Step 1: Choose the TGA image file you want to convert to PNG and upload it using the instructions shown on the right.
  • Step 2: Hold on until the conversion to PNG is successful.
  • Step 3: Click on the download button once the conversion is done.



Convert TGA to PNG

It is free to convert TGA to PNG. The Converter App suite is very easy to use, anyone can understand how it works. Once you upload your TGA file, the conversion process will begin immediately. All this for free and in a way that's incredibly simple

What is a TGA?

A TGA is a rasterized graphic format that is mostly used in video editing and animation. TGA format supports color depths of 1-32 bits per pixel. A TGA largely differs from a PNG which is a rasterized graphic data storage format that uses lossless compression to deflate the file size.

Free of any charges

You only need to upload your TGA image files to convert them into desired PNG files and download them without any charges.

How to open a PNG

A PNG image is among one of the most common formats that images are stored in. It is used on the web as it offers lossless compression. In order to open a .PNG image, one needs to use already-in-use applications such as Microsoft Photos and the already installed web browsers.

Member of Converter App

The Converter App suite contains a number of converters that transform your work into desired file formats while maintaining file contents.

Privacy Protection

We put a tremendous value on the privacy and security of your files. As a precaution, once the conversion is done, we have a process in place that clears all documents submitted to our servers.