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The CR2 Format

Name Canon Raw 2 (2nd edition)
Extensions .cr2
MIME Type image/cr2
Description The CR2 file format is a raw data format created by Canon digital cameras. It is an evolution of the original Canon Raw format and originates from TIFF file specifications. The difference between CR2 and commonly used file formats like JPG is that it contains the uncompressed image data recorded by the camera's CCD sensor. Therefore, CR2 details are usually very large and require post-processing. Since all the sensor data has been recorded, it is also possible to change the contrast, sharpness, or color saturation of the photo after the fact.
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • UFRaw

How to open a CR2 file?

To open raw data images like CR2, special software is required. After importing the CR2 data, the parameters of the image can be optimized first. Good programs to open and edit CR2 files are IrfanView or UFRaw. But also programs like Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop can be used for this purpose. After optimizing all parameters it is recommended to save the image in a more common format like JPG or PNG. If you want to automate the optimization of the parameters and the conversion to another format, you can use our converter that creates JPGs from CR2 files.