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What is MKV?

MKV is considered to be the universal video format for storing all kinds of multimedia content. An MKV file is the abbreviation for the Matroska video file. It is a modern container format for storing audio, video, and other data like subtitles in a single multi-media file. It is superior to formats like mp4, wav, etc. One MKV file can store up to an unlimited number of audios, videos, and other files without compromising their quality. Many content creators use the MKV format for saving their multimedia content.

What is AVI?

AVI is short for Audio Video Interactive. It was introduced back in 1992 by Microsoft as native file format for the Windows Media Player. AVI video files can synchronize audio, video, and text tracks without losing the quality. However, due to the low compression rate, AVI files can be quite large in terms of portability. AVI is still considered the best quality format for any video file if file size does not matter.

Why Converter App?

File conversion is simple with our Converter App. Your files can be converted to AVI without losing their original quality. There’s no need to download any kind of software.

It’s Free!

We do not charge hidden fees, require sign-ups, or require membership fees to use our services. We offer them for free. We prioritize our customers' satisfaction and their love and support of our services.

How it Works?

Simply Drag or Drop the files & the program handles the rest. Once it’s done, you can save it on your device. In just a few seconds, you would have access to a high-quality file that would be compatible on the go.


We honor our customers by respecting their privacy as everyone needs it. Although, our services do not interfere by peeking at your precious files or altering them from any perspective. Once you're done, the system removes the files instantly from the servers.

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