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    The AAC Audio Format

    Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) is an audio coding standard for lossy digital audio compression. Designed to be the successor of the MP3 format, AAC in general achieves better sound quality than a comparable MP3 at the same bit rate

    The MP3 Audio Format

    MP3 stands for "MPEG Audio Layer-3" and is a compressed audio file format originally released by the Moving Picture Experts Group. A typical MP3 file sounds similar to the original recording using less disk space at the same time due to the applied compression.

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    Play your music on any device – Convert ACC to MP3 for free

    When you have a music file that you can’t play it can be frustrating. It is important to look after your music files and keep them organised. But if you can’t listen to them at any time, then what is the point? Just one song stored in ACC can cause problems you don’t need. Especially when you don’t have the means to play it. Converting ACC to MP3 will guarantee you never go without. By changing your files today, you can make your music more accessible.

    Why do I have ACC files?

    ACC is a modern compressed sound file. On newer devices, it is not uncommon to see these files when you buy music online. But if you are using an older device, you could find it difficult to play these files. MP3 is tried and tested. There is very little difference in the sound quality. Not enough for you to tell the difference, anyway!

    What is lossy compression?

    Both ACC and MP3 are types of lossy compression. This means that they remove small amounts of the original recording to make the file smaller. The surprising thing is, the human ear can’t tell this! Both files are conveniently small. They will save you in storage space. Yet, MP3 has been around longer and can be played on many more devices. Don’t be caught out not being able to listen to your favourite tracks.

    MP3 – Still the standard for efficient music storage.

    MP3 is a well know file format that has been trusted and relied on for almost two decades. Many more devices can play MP3 files than ACC. Not only can you carry your music on any device, you can be sure it can always be played. Use our ACC to MP3 converter today and never go without your music.