• Step 1: Drag and drop the XPS document you want to convert to JPG onto the upload box on the right. You can also click on the box to submit it.
  • Step 2: Once uploaded, the document will be converted into JPG images automatically.
  • Step3: When the conversion is done, you will be redirected to a download page. Here, you can click on the download button to get the JPG images. In case you uploaded a multi-page document, you will receive one image per page.



What our free XPS to JPG converter can do for you:

This online file converter can be used for converting Microsoft XPS documents into JPG images. Thereby, each page will be converted into a separate JPG image. For example, these images are ideal if you want to use them as thumbnails. The conversion is fast and free, and all data will be removed from our servers shortly after the whole process is complete. No hidden charges. Next to this tool, Converter App also offers other XPS converters, next to our audio and video conversion apps.