• Step 1: Begin the conversion process by dragging and dropping or simply clicking your PDF file into the uploader on the right side.
  • Step 2: The format change from PDF to XPS will initiate and take a few seconds to fully complete the entire process from start to finish.
  • Step3: Just after conversion has been completed, you will see the download button. To download your XPS file, simply click it.



Why should I convert PDF to XPS?

An XPS file is a type of page layout that is based on XML Specifications, which is created by Microsoft. It was developed as a way to replace the EMF file format and is similar to a PDF file format, but instead uses XML in its layout and appearance. Although it was developed as an alternative to PDF it never reached the popularity of the PDF format. It offers some key advantages:

Since PDF and XPS are coming with the same goal both file formats behave similarly and there are only few direct advantages of XPS over PDF. Probably the main advantage of XPS is, that it is well integrated with all Microsoft applications like Word and Excel since it is a native Microsoft file format. So if you are working in a Windows environment it can be a good choice. Technically, the XPS format is more advanced and offers more features, but in practice, you will not notice this difference in most cases.

On the other hand, there is also a bunch of disadvantages: The interaction with XPS documents can be a little difficult because this format mainly focuses on document fidelity, file size, and compression. Thus, all XPS files cannot be manipulated and edited easily, which can only be viewed on an operating system that specifically has an XPS viewer, and can only be viewed on computer systems that have an XPS Viewer specifically installed. Some Linux distributions like Ubuntu come with its native XPS viewer though.

There may be some niche use-cases for which converting a PDF into an XPS file is a good idea, but if image quality isn't your top priority sticking to PDF will be sufficient in most cases. There is also another file format behaving similarly, which is called DjVu and also supported by Converter App.