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JFIF Files - What they are and how to open them:

JFIF is just one of the many possible variations of the JPEG format. Images in the JFIF format can be opened with the same photo viewers as common JPGs.

A JFIF file contains bitmap image data in the JPEG file format. Therefore, JFIF is a raster image format. The extension comes from JPEG File Interchange Format, describing a minimum standard for JPEG files.

Unfortunately, JFIF files cannot store transparency information. Therefore, these images are not ideal for further image-processing, since the loss of image information adds up when saving an image repeatedly. Even when using a quality of 100% for saving them and thus the lowest compression possible, the noise in the image increases with each saving. For image editing purposes, it is better to use vector image formats.

Furthermore, JFIF files can also contain metadata. Digital cameras store such metadata, or you can add it with an image editing program. Examples of such metadata are:

The camera's exposure time or the diameter of the used optical aperture; The GPS position data of the place of the origin of the photos. The day and time are also often added as metadata.

In Microsoft Windows 10 and 11, the JFIF format is the default format for saving images. More recently, JFIF images are used less frequently.

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