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How to convert MP4 to AVI:

Our converter allows you to instantly convert any MP4 video to an AVI format by submitting the file to the upload box at the top.

Makes AVI Videos out of MP4

Our online converter helps you convert your MP4 files to high-quality AVI videos which are supported by a wide range of media players and are ideal for video engineering.

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We offer the best solution for converting your MP4 files to the AVI container format. Yes, it is 100% free - no hidden charges.

MP4 versus AVI

The Audio Video Interleave format (AVI), exists since 1992 and allows the storage of audio and video data using different codecs. Therefore, AVI is a container format supporting video data with an audio stream. Also, MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14) is such a container format. The main difference between AVI and MP4 is that MP4 is less compressed, resulting in larger files, but also offers better video and audio quality since AVI files can apply lossless compression.

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