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The WAV Format

IMB and Microsoft created WAV (WAVE) files. They contain sounds such as effects, music, and voice recordings. Multimedia playback programs (Windows Media Player, QuickTime, etc.) can open and play WAV files. The files are larger than MP3 files. Therefore they are not as popular as their smaller, more portable counterparts. What differentiates WAV from MP3 and MP4 files is the lossless compression. Those larger files are of higher quality, and their less frequent usage is due to the file size. Sending and downloading the files takes much more time and space.

Reduce the file size by converting WAV to OGG

WAV is the most common audio wrapper that contains uncompressed raw audio in LPCM format. However, because of the large size of the file, it is inconvenient to transfer and save the audio file. OGG format is commonly used for Vorbis compressed audio, which performs significantly better than other lossy audio formats. OGG maintains higher quality but smaller file sizes.

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