AIFF TO MP3 Audio Converter

  • Step 1: Select the AIF or AIFF file you want to convert to MP3 and follow the steps highlighted on the Upload box on the right.
  • Step 2: Wait for the conversion to .MP3 to complete.
  • Step 3: Select "download" to get the converted file.



Convert .AIFC (AIF, AIFF) to .MP3.

Easily change your .AIFF files into .MP3 format with the Converter App. After a successful upload of an AIFC audio file a quick and efficient conversion process will begin.

AIFC versus MP3

AIFC stands for Compressed Audio Interchange File (AIFC). It is a enables audio files to be stored with compression. It can also be a compressed .AIFF audio file used by media players and gaming consoles. Its audio quality resembles that of .WAV file but has an audio compression to ensure file size is small.MP3 is coding format for digital audio developed by Fraunhofer Society. MP3 uses a lossy data compression to encode data using approximations. This enables a huge file reduction when compared to uncompressed audio.

Free of any charges

It is very easy, simply upload an AIFC file to turn it into a .MP3 format and once converted, you can download it for free.

Why convert to MP3?

The .MP3 format is commonly used as a music format and a player due to its size and portability. Moreover, MP3 files are very light, quite easy to create and one can choose what audio quality and file size to compress. They are also easy to share and to upload online.

Member of Converter App

The Converter App converts your files and documents into the required file formats while keeping the file contents intact. All generated conversions can be downloaded once transformed.

Privacy Protection

We appreciate you for choosing to use our Converter App. Be assured that the privacy and security of your files is of utmost importance to us. Our server clears all uploaded files and documents after a successful conversion.