WAV to M4A

  • Drag or drop the .Wav audio files in the center. You can upload these files from your desktop as well.
  • Wait for the M4a file to finish the conversion.
  • Once it's done, Click the "Download" button and get your M4A audio.



What is Wav?

Wav stands for Waveform Audio. It a standard audio file format developed by Microsoft and IBM. Back in the days, wav is considered as the default audio format for CD’s and cassettes because of its ability to store different bitrates and sample rates. Even though, most of audio publications still prefer wav over other audio formats because of its high-quality audio channels.

What is M4a?

M4a stands for MPEG 4 Audio. It is an audio extension which is used to store audio files only. M4a serves as an extension for AAC. Mp3 and M4a extensions are widely used for keeping audio files in much better quality. But in terms of good audio and smaller bit rate, M4a seems to be a better choice for audio publications.

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How it Works?

Drag the files into the box and let us do the rest of the work. Once finished, you can Save it in your Desktop by Downloading it.


We admire to respect a person's privacy, since there is nothing more valuable in this world. To do so, our servers ensure consistency by removing the converted files from our system following the conversion.