M4A to WAV Converter

  • Step 1: Upload the M4A file you want to convert to WAV. You can either upload it by clicking on the uploader or drag the file there.
  • Step 2: The conversion from M4A to WAV starts automatically and usually completes lightning fast.
  • Step3: Download the WAV audio file after the conversion is done.



What M4A files are and how to convert them:

M4A is an audio container format which is a pure audio version of the MPEG-4 format that can contain both, audio and video data. The M4A format supports different audio codecs like AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), or ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) specifications. The AAC standard applies lossy compression to the audio data, while ALAC is a lossless compression standard. Therefore, M4A is a very flexible audio format and can store audio streams at high-quality levels, but also supports smaller, compressed audio files with less quality.

Many programs support M4A files like iTunes, the QuickTime Player, or the Windows Media Player starting at version 12. If you want to play M4A files with Windows Media Player 11, you need to install the K-Lite Codec Pack first.

If your player does not support M4A converting the audio files to more common formats is a good option, and you arrived at the right place to do so. This converter allows you to convert M4A to WAV. This is the best choice if you want to convert an uncompressed M4A file since the WAV format does not apply any compression either. If your M4A file is using lossy compression, our M4a to MP3 converter is the best choice for you.