PNG to DDS Converter

  • Step 1: Start the conversion by uploading a PNG either by drag & drop or clicking on the uploader.
  • Step 2: The conversion from PNG to DDS starts immediately and completes quickly.
  • Step 3: Once everything is complete you will see a download button to get your DDS.



Free PNG to SVG Image Converter

Our free image converter helps you convert PNG images into SVG files simply by submitting Hereby, the appearance of the original PNG is preserved.

Advantages of the SVG format:

The SVG format has many advantages. Due to its XML structure, it is an interactive format allowing hyperlinks and animations. Furthermore, it can be edited by changing the JavaScript or CSS directly in the source but it is also supported by multiple applications. Also, the file size of SVG images is smaller compared to PNGs which is an advantage when you include them in a website.

Free of any charges

You just found the perfect tool to convert PNGs into SVGs. Our online converter is 100% free. No hidden charges, no sign-up required.

Why PNG to SVG conversion is complex

The main difficulty when converting PNG into SVG is that PNG is a pixel-based file format while SVG is a vector file format. This conversion usually can not be done without losses.

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We respect your privacy. Your files will be deleted from our servers after the conversion immediately. We will not share them or even just look at them.