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WebP to GIF


The WEBP and GIF image formats in comparison:

Both WebP and GIF are image file formats to serve images in the world-wide-web. The main difference is the color depth: While the WebP format supports 24-bit RGB color with an additional 8-bit alpha channel, GIF only offers 8-bit color depth and a 1-bit alpha channel. Another difference is the compression which can be lossless and lossy for WebP but only lossless for GIF. In the following paragraphs you find more details about the two formats:

The GIF Format

GIF is derived from each first later of the words Graphical Interchange Format. It is a highly compressed type of image and a property of Unisys. The GIF uses a compression algorithm of the LZW compression to optimize image quality. A specific image GIF carries up to 8bits per pixel and roughly 246 colors can fit across the image, compared to a JPEG which can carry up to 16million colors and contrast the eyes.

At the advent of the internet, GIFs were a number one choice due to their compatibility and a low requirement on the bandwidth of graphics which occupies a solid area of color. But for an animated GIF, there are combinations of different frames and images into a file and displayed in packets to bring about a short video or an animated clip. The limitations in color are up to 256 for a particular frame and are likely not suitable for photographs with color gradients and reproducing other images.

The WebP Format

The WEBP format is a new image format that offers improved lossy and lossless image compression for the web. Using web, webP, and webmaster, developers can make smaller, optimized images to improve the website speed.

In comparing webP lossless to PNGs in size the former is 26% smaller. Yet also, WebP Lossy images are smaller than JPEG images with 25-30% and an equivalent SSIM quality index respectively.

WebP compression makes use of predictive coding to create images. Predictive coding puts to use the values in nearby blocks of pixels to tell the values in the block and then creates only the difference. If no interesting match is found, it can make use of the local Palette.

Can WebP images also be animated?

Yes, WebP images can be animated. WebP is a relatively new image format developed by Google that provides lossy and lossless compression for images on the web. In addition to static images, WebP also supports animation, allowing you to create moving images with a smaller file size than other animated image formats like GIF.

How can I convert animated WebP images to GIF?

If you have an animated WebP image that you would like to convert to a GIF file, there are a few options available. One way is to use Converter App that allows you to upload your WebP file and convert it to a GIF file.

Another option is to use an image editing software that supports the conversion of WebP to GIF. Programs like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP can be used to open a WebP file and save it as a GIF file. This method gives you more control over the conversion process, including options to adjust the file size and quality of the resulting GIF file.