Convert XPS to PNG:

  • Step 1: Begin the conversion by dragging your XPS document onto the uploader on the right side. Alternatively, you can click on the upload box to submit your XPS file for conversion to PNG.
  • Step 2: The XPS to SVG conversion initiates automatically. Usually, it completes quickly and takes less than a minute Lean back and relax while our app is creating the PNG images.
  • Step 3: Once all is complete, you'll see a download button. To download your PNG images, simply tap on them. There will be a ZIP archive containing exactly one image per page.



The difference between XPS and PNG:

The XPS and PNG format comes with really different intentions and, therefore, cannot be compared. While XPS is a portable document format by Microsoft, which is similar to PDF, PNG is a plain image format. The PNG format is storing all image data in a rasterized manner. What our service is doing is transforming each page of the initial XPS into a PNG image that can be shared.