How to convert ePub to PDF:

  • Step 1: Upload your input ePub ebook
  • Step 2: The file conversion to from ePub to PDF will start automatically
  • Step 3: Download the result. Thats it! You can watch the progress of the conversion of your ePub file in realtime and once it is done download the PDF result.



What is an ePub file?

The Open eBook Publication format (ePub) is a common format for electronic books. It was developed as a freely available standard for ebooks by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) in 1997. One of the main advantages of ePub is that the format is freely available. Therefore many eBooks use this format.

Furthermore, in contrast to the PDF format, it offers reflowable and resizable text. It also includes raster and vector images and CSS styling. In that respect, the ePub format is quite similar to HTML files.

My Ebook file is DRM protected. What does this mean?

Some ePub files may contain an additional DRM layer. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management and imposes a constraint on affected files to prevent them from being read by any software or on any portable device. For the moment there are competing standards that may cause confusion and problems to migrate ePub files between different reading systems. The most common standard is the Adobe Content Server which is supported by Adobe Digital Editions. However, there are some more standards available like FairPlay or Lektz DRM. Unfortunately, our ebook converter does not support ePub files with DRM protection for legal reasons.

How to read ePub ebooks on Amazon Kindle?

The popular Ebook reader Amazon Kindle does not natively support the Epub format which is a pity. However, there is a very easy work-around how you can still access your Epub documents with your Kindle: Since the Kindles native format, the Mobi format, is very similar to Epub you can easily convert your Epub documents to Mobi. Like that they will perfectly be readable by your Ebook reader. Due to the similarity of the two formats the conversion quality in general is very good and the conversion also is fast. Converting your files ePub to Mobi is the most straight-forward way to also enjoy them on your Amazon Kindle.

To assist you in converting your ePub documents to Mobi , we offer a free online conversion service. Just submit your ePub file, and you can download a Mobi file. Almost instantaneously!

What are the best Reader Apps for the ePub Format?

Here we provide a fine selection of free ePub readers for the operating systems Windows, Linux, and Mac. There are many of these tools available since ePub is a very common format used for eBooks and other electronic documents. Although we offer an excellent ePub to PDF conversion service here, it is always recommended to open your ePub files with an appropriate reader since file conversion always comes along with a quality loss. Converted files may show deviations from the original document.

  • EPUBReaders Firefox extension : If you are using Firefox as a web browser this is the easiest way to view ePub files. After installing this plugin, firefox will read your ePub files. The plugin runs on any operating system which supports firefox (Windows, macOS X, Linux).
  • FBReader: FBReader is a powerful, free x-platform ebook reader that next to ePub also supports other ebook formats. It is available for the operating systems Windows, macOS X, Linux, and also for Blackberry and Android which allows you to read your epub ebooks also on your mobile devices.
  • Calibre: Calibre is a free x-platform ebook management system that allows you to read and also convert ebooks between different formats.
  • Adobe Pocket Book Reader: A nice ebook reader which supports ePub among some other formats. It is available for the operating systems Windows, Linux, and Android, and there is also a version for macOS that is able to deal with DRM.