• Drag or Drop the (.ogv) file into the upload box. You can also choose a file from your computer to convert them.
  • Wait, while we convert your OGV file to MP4.
  • Once it's done, you can simply download it by clicking on "Download" button.



What is .OGV?

An OGV (.ogv) is a video file format developed by Xiph.Org. Its codecs have been used by many famous media players of today. It is commonly used for playing video content for web pages. Its codecs include: Theora, Dirac & Daala.

OGV to MP4 online

There’s no need to frustrate when you have the right tools for your work Thanks to Converter App, it's now possible to convert OGV files into MP4. No matter if you're at home or at work - you can use it!

It’s Free!

This app requires no sign-ups, No paid memberships. It is 100% free of cost. No additional charges will be applied when using this app.

How does this converter work?

To convert OGV to MP4 drag and drop the file & let the program do the rest. Your converted file will be available for download after the program has finished converting it.

Quality Preserved!

This program is designed to ensure the original quality of a file is maintained for the output video to give you the best possible experience.


In the course of using our services, we try to protect the privacy of our users. Once your file is Converted, the app immediately deletes it from the server to maintain our privacy standards.