How to convert XPS to SVG:

  • Step 1: Begin the conversion process by dragging and dropping your XPS file onto the uploader on the right side. You also can click on the box to submit an XPS file.
  • Step 2: The XPS to SVG conversion will initiate automatically and take only a few seconds. Lean back and relax while we are creating the SVG images.
  • Step 3: As soon as the file conversion will be completed, you'll see a download button. To download your SVG images, simply tap on them. In case your PDF consists of more than one page, the images will be available as ZIP archive.



Why convert XPS to SVG:

Converting XPS to SVG can be a good choice if you want to embed such files directly in websites and display them with a web browser. Most browsers do not display XPS files natively. If you are looking for more information about the XML Paper Specification file format also see: The XPS and PDF formats in comparison .