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  • Step 2: Wait a moment while your PNG output is created.
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The XCF Format

Name eXperimental Computing Facility
Extensions .xcf
MIME Type image/x-xcf
Description XCF stands for eXperimental Computing Facility and is the native file format of the open-source image editor GIMP. An XCF file can contain various image elements such as text blocks, paths, or layers. This information can be stored lossless and retrieved later for further editing. Thus XCF is similar to the PSD format and can be considered a free alternative to it. More information about the PSD format...
  • GIMP
  • ImageMagick

XCF to PNG Command Line Conversions

Since GIMP is quite popular among Linux users, also XCF images are mainly used under Linux. Using the Linux command line there is a quick way to convert XCF to PNG, using ImageMagick. With Ubuntu, you can install ImageMagick as follows:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

After doing so, the conversion can be done with the following command:

convert example.xcf -flatten example.png

The "-flatten" command line parameter will make sure that all layers will be added to one PNG. If you skip this option each layer is converted to a separate image. Also note, older versions of ImageMagick cannot convert XCFs from GIMP 2.x. However, during our tests, the latest version of ImageMagic 7.x worked for all XCF images.