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WebM 2 Mov


Convert WEBM to MOV online

Converter App provides free video conversions between WEBM and MOV. Once you upload your WEBM video, the conversion process to MOV will begin instantly and you will get your result for download within a short moment.

WEBM versus MOV

WEBM is a video format that is optimized for web usage and supports both, the VP8 video and the open Vorbis audio codecs. The WEBM file format provides open video compression for HTML5 videos and is supported by the majority of common web-browsers, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. On the other hand, MOV is a video format that is usually associated with the QuickTime media player. In contrast to WEBM, MOV files commonly rely on the MPEG-4 video codec for compression. Next to the Apple Quicktime player, also the Windows Media Player, and the open-source and cross-platform VLC media player support the MOV format.

Free of any charges

To get started, all you have to do is upload your WEBM video animation and this service will transform it into a MOV video. Everything is free, no hidden costs or sign-up required.

Why you should convert WEBM to MOV?

There are some good reasons to convert WEBM videos into the MOV format. For example, it is recommended to use the MOV video format, when you want to watch WEBM videos offline or on your mobile devices. Moreover, videos using the .mov file extension are fully compatible with all Apple devices and programs.

Member of Converter App

The Converter App converts your work into the necessary file formats while keeping the file contents intact.

Privacy Protection

We respect your privacy when using the Converter App, therefore after any conversions are completed, your file is erased from our servers.

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